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Sunrise Fun Games is proud to announce:

Oh, My Heck!   TM

“OH, MY HECK!” card game just might be the most fun family game you have
ever played.

Did you place a low card thinking you would be able to get rid of it and find that it ends up being the high card of that color -  and no one trumped it?

Did you place a high trump thinking you’ve got this trick only to find that someone else topped it with “The Master Trump”?

Anything is possible - except boredom.

Sunrise Fun Games (SFG) is proud of its entrance into the market of family fun games. SFG believes that playing fun games together makes memories and strengthens the family. Therefore games from SFG are oriented to family and fun (don't forget the friends!).

Our Rule # 7 emphasizes this point:

  • Rule # 7 (The most important rule of all):  HAVE FUN for Heck Sakes!

Ready to buy? Click here.

OH, My Heck!TM is easy to play and user friendly.  Don't wait; enjoy life more by purchasing your game of Oh, My Heck!TM today!

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